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Join an Initiative

The Algovera community has multiple active projects, discussions, and working groups and new community members are encouraged to explore existing opportunities and join groups that suit their interests. The Join Track serves to provide actionable steps to joining an active Algovera Squad as well as resources for getting involved in the greater community.

Check out the video walkthrough for the Join Track below!

Joining a Squad:

Squads are funded groups working on a specific project which have concrete deliverables and do not have a membership cap. All active squads along with their current membership list can be found on the Algovera Squads page in Notion:

Squads that are actively looking for members to join their project in a paid capacity will indicate that they are looking to recruit members by checking the corresponding box in the Notion database. You can apply to join a specific Squad or submit a general interest application here:

If you are not sure which specific squad you'd like to join, you can select the "General Interest" option on the registration form to show that you are interested in exploring all Squad opportunities.

Recruiting Members for your Squad:

If you are currently part of an active squad there are several resources available to find and recruit active members:

  • Squad Interest forms - If you are part of an active squad and wish to create an interest form to allow other community members, contact the Core Team in Discord to set up a registration form for your squad. You will be able to view applicants that have applied to your Squad on the Algovera Squads page:
  • General Interest Applications - Community members can register as general applicants without specifying a Squad to work with, and you can view all general Squad applicants on the Algovera Squads page.