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Earn an Income

The Algovera Earn Track provides instructions and resources that help guide community members towards getting paid work within the Algovera ecosystem.

Checkout the walkthrough video for the Earn Track below!

Where to start:

  • Make sure you can get paid! If you don't already have a web3 wallet, you'll need to set one up in order to get paid for your work with Algovera. See resources below for getting set up with a MetaMask wallet.
    • Note - any EVM compatible web3 wallet will work, though MetaMask is typically seen as an industry standard.
  • Go through the Algovera Orientation -
  • Start exploring!

The primary resource for discovering paid opportunities to work in the Algovera ecosystem is the Algovera Opportunities board, which lists all paid opportunities currently available at Algovera.

Paid opportunities to work with Algovera include:

  • Paid freelance work - Each freelance opportunity will have an interest registration form that will be posted in Discord
  • Paid Tournament work - Occasionally, clients working with Algovera will initiate an open-ended tournament to create a specific product. Anyone in the community can apply