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Start your AI Business

Algovera aims to simplify and improve the experience of building data science products within the Web3 ecosystem, and provides rails for getting your own AI business started using our tools and community resources.

Algovera empowers data scientists and entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently build AI businesses from the ground up. We do this by providing community resources, technical resources, and financial resources.

Check out a video walkthrough of the resources available through the Algovera Create Track below!

Community Resources:

Building your AI business within the Algovera ecosystem comes with the distinct advantage of a community of Web3 data scientists. Through our Community Directory and Discord server, founders and project leaders can view community members' contact information, credentials such as LinkedIn and Github, and their interest areas at a glance.

Community members looking to create their own AI business within Algovera are encouraged to reach out to community members directly, or start a focused discussion (called a "Junto") by filling out this form:

Technical Resources:

Part of Algovera's core stack is the Algovera Library which provides useful tools for engaging in decentralized data science workflows.

The Algovera Library is continually evolving, and you can view our first Jupyter Labs extension for MetaMask here:

Financial Resources:

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal as a leader or founder is the Algovera Grants program. The Algovera community sponsors projects that surface within the community by providing monetary grants distributed via a project DAO to help jumpstart your project.

Additionally, the web3 ecosystem allows us to give data scientists and creators ownership of their work through the Ocean marketplace. You can read all about the full Grant process in our blog post below: