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Our vision is a world where AI apps are co-owned by creators and users, rather than AI companies:

Creators will have the freedom to work on projects that they are passionate about, rather than assigned. They will have the freedom to work flexibly for the number of hours and during the time of day that suits them. They will have the ability to fractionalize their time across multiple projects depending on the diversity of their interests. They will be rewarded fairly based on their input across a large range of technical and non-technical contributions.

Users will drive the development of useful AI apps. These AI apps will be built for the benefit of users and not corporations. Users will take part in and be rewarded for improving AI apps.  Improvements will be facilitated through training that resembles teaching rather than coding. The experience will be gamified.

Humans will always supervise AI and it will be possible to shut down harmful AI.

AI apps will consist of auditable layers of open source protocols. These technologies will make up an open and permissionless operating system for AI. The blockchain will track provenance of data, training procedures and IP. Better provenance and accountability will create conditions for more collaboration between organisations. Licenses for software will no longer be broken. Ethical considerations will be deeply baked into the rules of the game. Trust in AI will be higher.

It will be simple to build AI apps using a suite of tools. Non-technical individuals will be able to create AI apps using low-code and no-code environments.

Unlike Web2, where AI apps work only within the walled gardens of tech platforms, the AI apps of Web3 will be interoperable across different platforms. The AI apps will provide services no matter which universe you are in.

AI companies will be unbundled into tokenized projects and products. There will no longer be a need for an aggregator and middle man that retains most of the value generated.