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Grant Round 9 Winners

· 2 min read

Announcing the winners of the Algovera Grants Round 9


Community Winners

1. Docs for trlX

This project is developing the next generation Reinforcement Learning library for Transformers based architectures. Check out their proposal here

Docs for trlX

2. AI for Traffic Analysis

This project is building a vision-based platform for analyzing and improving traffic safety. Check out their proposal here

AI for Traffic Analysis


A one stop solution to understand and make your smart contracts better. Read their proposal here

4. Dreamer

Dreamer is project building doctor’s brand with generative models. Read their proposal here


5. ALsats - Active Learning sats

This project aims to reduce the investment needed to create minimum viable datasets for supervised machine learning. Read their proposal here

ALsats - Active Learning sats

6. Research Framework for Hybrid-Intelligence

This project is creating a conceptual & action-research framework for hybrid intelligence. Check out the proposal here

Research Framework for Hybrid-Intelligence

7. Client-side Conversational Machine Translation

This project will be able to use conversation mode with (multilingual) machine translation models in offline mode. Check out the proposal here

Client-side Conversational Machine Translation

Core Team Winners

8. Promptable.js

This project will build LLM pipelines in Typescript/Javascript. Learn more here

Prompt Extend

AI Chatbot for Around The Blockchain Newsletter

This project is creating a Chat bot for the newsletter "Around the blockchain.” Check out their newsletter here

AI Chatbot for Around The Blockchain Newsletter

10. LossID

This project is Automating the identification of interest areas in neural networks through training loss trajectories. Read the proposal here