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Grant Round 7 Winners

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Announcing the winners of the Algovera Grants Round 7


Community Winners

1. Lucidly | Text & Image Art Symposium

The project Lucidly is now allowing the model generate its own story through prompt generation with context and sound meaning. Check out the proposal here

Lucidly | Text & Image Art Symposium

2. SimPPL

SimPPL will allow anyone external to a platform to evaluate the spread of online news examining which accounts spread it, when they spread it, and how much interest it garnered, all at the click of a button. Check out the proposal here


3. Algovera Academy

This project aims to create the spine and structures for the most communal AI learning initiative in web3. Read the proposal here

Algovera Academy

4. Lovely Tensors

This project is a python library that extends PyTorch with the ability to better summarize and visualize tensors in a human-friendly way. Read the proposal here

Lovely Tensors

5. Human Evaluation of Methods For Fine Tuning LLMs

This project evaluates reinforcement learning and supervised learning as methods for fine-tuning large language models using human contractors. Read proposal here

Human Evaluation of Methods For Fine Tuning LLMs

6. Compass Labs - Intellegent Algorithms For Defi

Compass Labs is building the AI infrastructure for optimizing and automating decision making in DeFi in a one-click solution. Check out the proposal here

Compass Labs

7. Earnings Call Analysis

This project assists financial analysts with investment decision making post a company’s earnings call. Read their proposal here

Earnings Call Analysis

Core Team Winners

8. Prompt Extend

Prompt Extend is a text generation model to extend stable diffusion prompts with suitable style cues. Learn more here

Prompt Extend

Transparency in Coverage

This project will ETL and dashboarding for transparency in coverage data released by healthcare providers.Check out their proposal here

Startin' Blox

PLAB aims at demonstrating how Decentralised AI systems can be considered autonomous legal subjects capable of determining legal relationships arising by conduct in decentralised-based transactions. Read the proposal here

Paradigm of Legal Autonomous Behaviour (PLAB)