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Results of Grant Round 6

· 3 min read

Announcing the winners of the Algovera Grants Round 6


Community Winners

1. Stable Diffusion Crypto API

This project aims to accept crypto payments for Stable Diffusion inference requests by using coinbase pay sdk to accept payments in fiat / crypto, or interacting with a smart contract to create access tokens. Check out the proposal here

Stable Difusion Crypto API

2. ALsats

ALsats is an open source project that aims to reduce the investment (in time and money) needed to create minimum viable datasets for supervised machine learning. Check out the proposal here


3. Chiral - DALLE For The Physical World

Chiral is a new AI model that can create physical parts, structures, and entire machines from a description in natural language.

Read the proposal here

Chiral - DALLE For The Physical World

4. Lucidly | Widening Human Visual Perspective With AI

This project aims at widening the perspective lens through AI (stable-diffusion model) by creating multiple interpretations / visualizations off a text input. Read the proposal here

Lucidly | Widening human visual perspective with AI

5. Code Generation Apps

A collection of code generation apps for quickly creating code from natural language prompts. Read proposal here

Code Generation Apps

6. Climate Action Through Data Art

“Visualizing the hidden" by creating climate action through data art. Check out the proposal here


7. Buzz

Using the newly available Whisper model by OpenAI to transcribe content such as meetings and build on top of the obtained transcripts to perform tasks like topic detection & summarization. Read their proposal


Core Team Winners

8. Decentralized Governance Research

Reseach project on how decentralized governance can make AI more aligned and safe. Learn more here

Decentralized Governance Research

9. Startin' Blox

This project is coupling low-code and AI to close the gap and make AI accessible to every company. Check out their proposal with Ocean Protocol

Startin' Blox

10. Roomate's Dog Generator

This project plans to have a website that generates images of their roommate’s dog with a user inputted text prompt. Read the proposal here

Rommate's Dog Generator

11. NLPforEdu

This project is using Deep Learning and LLM models to help the education domain easier by reducing the manual work a learner has to do and help them focus only on things they need to do. Learn more here


12. AcuiQ

This project aims to create an automated recommendation engine for acupuncture points, herbal treatments and other TCM protocols. Check out the proposal here