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Improvements to Algovera Round 5

· One min read
Hithesh Shaji

We have an opportunity to improve how Algovera Grants are run after every round. If you have suggestions on improving how the Algovera Grants are run, please reach out to me on Discord (Hithesh | The following is an improvement that will take effect from Algovera Grants Round 5:

More clarity into the deliverables and their progress.

The number of applicants that are applying for Algovera Grants is increasing with every round. More proposals mean more information to process. To help the community assess the best projects to pick, we have introduced some changes to the proposal process.

Every project proposal must attach a concise video (5mins max) outlining their deliverables during the review period (i.e after the application deadline closes). The video should outline what they are specifically planning to achieve. If you have already applied for a previous grant round and you are applying to a follow-on grant, you should show the progress of the deliverables from the previous round in your video.