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Congratulations to the Algovera Grant Round 3 Winners!

· 2 min read
Keaton Kirkpatrick

Community voting has been completed for the third round of the Algovera Grants Program!


As the Algovera community continues to grow, we are seeing an increasing number of innovative and creative projects apply for funding, and this round we are excited to announce that we will be funding all six grant applicants!

We will be welcoming three new Squads to the creator community, as well as welcoming back three returning Squads. Check out a brief description of the projects and their proposal links below:

Decentralized Recommendation Engine by @Dhruv: Decentralized recommender systems using Web3-based profile and content prediction

Compass Labs by @elisabeth and @09tangriro: Automated decision-making tools for decentralised markets on the blockchain

Project Alan by @Joshua Finn Keeler: A novel neural network architecture based on the fundamental information flows of the human brain

In addition to the new Squads joining us, three returning squads have also received another round of funding:

DeepDefi by @Vintage Gold: Predictive models for borrowing cost and supply earnings of popular DeFi protocols by @hal: Smart search NFTs using natural language processing models

Project Themistoklis by @alextoti: Computer vision models for drones for fighting climate change and increasing food security

Stay tuned for further information regarding Algovera Demo Day, where we will be showcasing the incredible work Algovera Squads have completed so far.

If you are interested in joining an existing Squad and getting paid to work, please fill out our Squad Interest Form and we’ll help you find a Squad that fits your interests!