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DAID v1 is here. Algovera’s Decentralized AI DAO Framework

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TLDR: Algovera’s decentralized AI DAO framework (DAID) will accelerate your journey from AI project to a decentralized-AI DAO. It covers how to set up sustainable monetization options for your datasets and AI models to marketplaces, to tools for decentralized AI and even how to set up DAO community.


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Imagine running and funding your own decentralized AI-model project, making your choices in data, AI training and creating positive impact to many communities! And eventually becoming your own sovereign AI-driven DAO.

Trying to decentralize AI development from Tech giants or Military who currently dictate which AI projects get funded, is not a simple task.

This is why, we at Algovera have developed a decentralized AI DAO Framework to help you to reach your goals faster.

DAID framework consist of 4 key areas:

  1. Design Thinking: who is the user and who is impacted by my AI model?
  2. Decentralized AI tools: from data sourcing, storage, training, deploy to publishing AI models to market places
  3. Creating sustainable commercial value
  4. Web3 for decentralized AI teams: covers how to set up a DAO, governance, proposals, treasury management and member protection

DAID Workshop:

Format: Faciliated online workshop

Time: 2x 1hours

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We are excited to see you. Any questions please reach out on Discord