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A New Way to Engage with the Algovera Community is Here!

· 2 min read
Keaton Kirkpatrick

Building an inclusive and cohesive online community has many challenges, and we are always looking for new ways to bring folks in and help them engage in the projects and interest areas that they are passionate about. Enter!

We have recognized the need for community members to be able to connect more deeply with folks throughout the community we have implemented to increase community engagement! provides an interactive, automated way to connect with other folks from the community who share your interests or who have expertise you're interested in learning from. Participation in the Algovera instance is optional! That being said, we encourage everyone to sign up who is interested in getting more involved in the community or learning from our amazing group of thought leaders and domain experts!

After signing up for the Algovera community, you can select the interest areas that matter most to you, as well as what kind of interest and skills you'd like to see in your potential matches. You can also select the frequency with which you'd like to be matched up with other community members, and you can opt out at any time. will match you with other members of the Algovera community who match your criteria, and will propose a day and time for you to meet. From there, will create the calendar event for you and also provide a video call platform to engage with - there's no other action you need to take!

You can find instructions on how to sign up and interact with the platform in our onboarding documentation, as well as with the initial action items below:

  1. Fill out this matchmaking form and indicate your frequency of intros (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).
  1. Opt-in at the beginning of the week.
  1. Receive personalized introductions in your inbox and opt-out anytime.

We hope this will be a meaningful step in our never-ending quest to build the best decentralized AI community in Web3. Drop by our Discord if you have any questions or just to introduce yourself!