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Algovera Private AI Study Group

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Which course? Openmined’s Foundation of Private Computation

About the course

“Become a data scientist and statistician capable of studying data you do not own and cannot see. Learn every major privacy-preserving technique to an intermediate level, understand how they work together, and how you can use them to safely study data owned by another organization (such as another university, enterprise, or government) without ever seeing the underlying data yourself.”

When? Last Thursday of each month (schedule below) @ 2:00pm UTC

Topics & Schedule

26th May 20221. Federated Learning | 2. Split Learning
30th June 20221. Cryptographic Ciphers | 2. Modular Algebra
28th July 20221. Towards Practical Cryptography | 2. Block Ciphers, and the Advanced Encryption Standard
25th August 20221. Asymmetric Cryptographic Systems | 2. Homomorphic Encryption
29th September 20221. Secure Multi-Party Computation | 2. Public Key Infrastructure | 3. Private Set Intersection |
27th October 20221. Project demo day | 2. what’s next discussion

Where? Algovera’s HQ

What is the format for the study group?

  • Watch the corresponding video lectures at our own pace before each session
  • During the session, we will start with the corresponding coding exercise
  • Followed by a discussion on the concepts

What is project demo day?

  • Members will work on a small project to show what they have learned with the community
  • Details will be decided by the study-group members

What happens after the study group?

  • We can continue with the next course offered by Openmined
  • Or choose another course on Private AI
  • Or work on a project together

Register Interest

Use this link to submit your interest in joining the study group before 13/05/2022.