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Grant Recipients for Algovera Grants R1

· 2 min read
Richard Blythman

Last month, we announced the launch of Algovera Grants to fund projects that combine AI and Web3. We received some fantastic proposals, which you can read in full or in the form of short summaries.

The voting process (undertaken using POAPs) finished last night at 23:59. You can check out the poll results here (if you have already claimed your POAP). A few technical glitches were experienced: Some wallets were not compatible, with a couple of people missing out on voting. We took this into consideration in announcing the successful teams. We also plan to improve the process for the next round.

With that, we are excited to announce the successful projects:

  1. Predictive Model for Borrowing Cost of Popular DeFi Protocols (Proposal)
  2. Fast (Low Compute) Depth Estimation Toolkit (Proposal)
  3. A scripting language for DAOs (Proposal)
  4. ML Model Profit Share Through Arweave (Proposal)
  5. Go to Market Analysis for Healthcare Data Analysis (Proposal)
  6. HubbleGan Image Enhancement & Art Generation (Proposal)
  7. Virtual Object Detector (Proposal)

We initially planned to fund 5 proposals, but have decided to fund 7 for a number of reasons:

  • Our friends at Akorn Marketplace expressed interest in co-funding the study of profit sharing tokens for ML models. We are very excited to collaborate in finding innovative mechanisms for funding ML developers.
  • We never expected to receive as many as 15 applicants with such high quality.
  • Technical issues with the voting process.
  • Hesitance to increase bureaucracy with a tiebreak vote.

Unfortunately, there were many very interesting projects that weren’t funded, and we encourage these community members to submit proposals in Round 2. Algovera Grants is just getting started.

This is an exciting time for Algovera. The number of funded AI Squads within the ecosystem will soon jump to 8 in total! There are some details about next steps in the original Algovera Grants announcement. In the coming days, we will release another blog to further cement these details.