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6 min read
Richard Blythman

The field of deep learning requires heavy amounts of storage. Machine learning datasets often reach into the 100s of GBs, and pre-trained model weights can be large too. Many datasets (like JFT-300M by Google) remain inaccessible to data scientists outside large organizations. Furthermore, open datasets can be scattered across many apps and websites, and require the user to follow a lengthy tutorial for download, setup and processing.

One min read

Algovera AI Grants give $10k in grant funding every month to allow AI developers more freedom to work on the projects they're passionate about.

Below is a flowchart illustrating how the grant program works for projects that are applying; and, it will show you ways to earn more votes to influence which projects get funding 馃憞馃憞馃憞


One min read
Hithesh Shaji

We have an opportunity to improve how Algovera Grants are run after every round. If you have suggestions on improving how the Algovera Grants are run, please reach out to me on Discord (Hithesh | The following is an improvement that will take effect from Algovera Grants Round 5: